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Delicious Fruit Tea Handcrafted in Hartsville, TN

Southern. Energizing. Refreshing


It's a Southern Thing

Fruit tea is a staple in Tennessee, Kentucky, and throughout the South. Many southerners boast the very best “Southern Fruit Tea,” which is a sweetened tea mixed with a variety of fruit juices. Fruit Tea Chicks' is a special recipe and a family tradition, perfected over the years by its proprietor Christy Jo Stone.

Each batch of our fruit tea is lovingly handcrafted at our farm in Hartsville, TN and delivered to customers and retailers all over Tennessee and Kentucky.

Find out what all the fuss is about. Pick up a gallon of Fruit Tea Chicks today at one of our retailer locations, at an event we're attending, or contact us to
place your delivery order!


Available at a local store near you in Tennessee or Kentucky. Pick some up today!


By the quart or by the gallon, get our fruit tea for yourself, a group, or for a party or event!


Order Fruit Tea Chicks concentrate, fruit tea scented candles, t-shirts, hats and more at our online store.

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