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Our Hot Fruit Toddy is comprised of sun soaked candied lemons, warm sugar, Orange syrup and fresh slices of fruit..It has a sweet and fruity appeal with undertones of vanilla, tangerine, and sandalwood.

Our beautiful hand poured candles fill your space with warmth and elegance. Formulated with natural soy and coconut wax, our scented candles create a lovely olfactory experience that add a welcoming atmosphere and ignite the sweetest moments in life.

Hot Fruit Toddy | 16oz

Sales Tax Included |
  • Medium (9oz): One wick candle perfect for medium sized rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms, coffee tables and nightstands. Burns for 50-60 hours.

    Large (16oz): Three wick candle perfect for big rooms, spaces with high ceilings or those who want a stronger scent throw. Burns for 70+ hours.

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